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Lookng for high-resolution wallpapers of your favourite games? Well, then check out today’s site,, which makes searching easy by sorting games alphabetically, and further offers different resolutions for every wallpaper. And yes, it’s always being updated with the latest artwork, so keep checking this one regularly.

Visit: Games2Wallpapers

CUIL - the cool Search Engine

Started by ex-Google employees, today’s site competes with the search engine giant and claims to even outdo it. Cuil, pronounced as ‘cool’, boasts of a search index that spans 120 billion Web pages. The interface is also different from Google: Instead of a vertical stack of results, hits are displayed in two or three columns, accompanied by photos.And yes, to protect privacy, Cuil will not be retaining information about a user’s search history or surfing patterns.


Test Typing Speed

So who types faster, you or your friend? Well, head over to today’s site and find out. Keybr gives you a simple typing test which calculates your words-per-minute speed. And it’s not as simple as it sounds: Points are deducted for errors, and a lot of the given text is pure gibberish, so typing by anticipating the next word isn’t going to work here.Try it out and compete with a friend: Fastest finger’s first!



This Web site offers 50 free lessons for those wanting to learn how to play the piano. Targetted at ages 13 and upwards, ZebraKeys divides its tutorial into four parts: Preparation, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, with multiple lessons in each category. Along with the lessons, the resource also offers reviews of equipment, articles on pianos, and a discussion forum for keyboardists.

Visit: ZebraKeys

Hi Everywhere

A local guide, while travelling, is always more beneficial than hiring a professional tourism agency. But you might not always know a native in every place you visit.That’s where today’s site comes in. HiEverywhere is a free portal that lets travellers scout and meet volunteer guides, and then share the experience with the site’s other members – quite a cool way to explore new destinations.

Visit: HiEverywhere


VegTaste is a community for vegetarians, or anyone interested in the healthy veggie lifestyle to share their experiences, news, stories, and recipes. Join in the discussion about what you heard, did or tasted; or become a writer by simply registering and building your own unique profile to give feedback to other users.



Today’s site seeks to create a community of writers, encouraging its members to publish their written works online, so that others can read and comment on the same. The content can be in any form – short stories, poems, multi-chapter novels, or even audio versions of your literature. And even if you aren’t a writer, there is some very good reading on offer here.



Cook Skills

Trying to cook an item from a recipe in a book or a Web site is never easy.Without images to tell you how you are doing, there's always a nagging doubt whether you are on the right track. Today's site seeks to dispel such doubts, by providing a pictorial guide to all the dishes: Users submit their recipes, along with step-by-step pictures to the same. Simple, easy, and looks very delicious!

Hello Tree

Here's an easy and fun way to keep in touch with your friends and family. Today's site calls itself a 'collaborative' family tree, where once you sign up and write a self-profile, you can send invites to your relatives. Once they sign up, they send out more invites, and so forth. And yes, you can also share photo albums amongst your group. Join now and watch your tree grow.

Visit: HelloTree


Ever wanted to have a house party but never knew how to make that perfect punch? Log on to which has a database of over 700 cocktail recipes. You even have entertaining sections like Holi Cocktails and James Bond drinks. It also contains a very informative section called Booze Basics where they have trivia on the origins of a drink to foods that go with a particular drink. Just be sure to read it before you get that cocktail shaker out.



Sometimes, it can get troublesome to update and check all your social networking profiles. Today's resource promises to make that easier by aggregating some of the most popular networks, such as Orkut, Facebook, Hi5, MySpace and more. 'Zup' is a small Web 2.0 application that you can add to your profiles to send and receive messages from different accounts in the same place.And of course, it's completely free!


FLV to

Found a singer on YouTube that you liked, and wanted to extract the song? Well,today’s resource lets you do just that. Simply copypaste the YouTube link – or upload any FLV file you have – and the site will generate an MP3 file of the audio track. Save it to your PC, and then just add it to your music library or MP3 player. Simple and convenient!


Killer Peanut

If you are a frequent traveller and suffer from allergies to certain food items, don’t miss out on today’s site. It provides a free translation service for people who react adversely to some foods. Choose from the 22 food items and 20 languages, and you will be provided with an emergency card and helpful translations for restaurants, doctors and airport security.

Visit: KillerPeanut

Arcade Void

Looking for online games to while away your time? Visit today’s resource that boasts of new ones every Friday. The site lists games in more than 15 categories, and also segregates them under ‘newest games’, ‘most popular today’ and ‘most popular ever’. Bookmark now!

Visit: ArcadeVoid

Creating online passwords can be tricky – it needs to be secure, while being something you can easily recall. Well, today's site hopes to solve this problem for you. Just feed Password Bird some anonymous information about yourself, and it will generate a key that is both secure and memorable.

Visit: PasswordBird


If you check many Web sites on a daily basis, here’s a cool resource to help make your browsing easier. Create an account at and log in to customise the unique tabbed interface according to your preferences: In each tab, you can create thumbnail links to your favourite sites, thus giving you a neat and easy-to-use interface.All in all, a handy tool to use if your browser is looking too cluttered with multiple tabs.

Visit: only2clicks

Hindi Songs and Music

Hindi Songs and Music is the place you will find tons of Hindi movie songs, music and scenes. All the videos are ready to play and do not need to download. They are directly hosted from YouTube. If you need to download those videos or any YouTube videos downoad them from here.


Top Blog

Top Blog is a wonderful new topsite (top blog here) site. It features only blogs and not websites.
Made in wonderful topsite PHP script which has been in the market from a long time.

Get your site listed on this topblog site for free.

Visit: TopBlog

Games 2 Win is an amazing site for free online games. The games are definitely good and very original. They also have regular contests and cash prizes for registered users to win (registration is free). The games are very Indian because the site is mainly for the desies but anyone and everyone can find something for themselves on Games 2 Win.

Visit here:

Banner Exchange Network is an amazing, simple and very user friendly banner exchange network. The exchange is carried out in the ratio of 1:2. Means it will show 1 impression of your banner when you show 2 banner of others on your site.

Visit them here and remember to register.
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